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Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive, a middle-grade mystery inspired by my Pembroke
Welsh Corgis, Yoda and Leia (Dancing With Bear publishing).

Fifth-grader Adam Hollinger looked forward to an ordinary summer: All-Star baseball practice, reading comic books, begging his parents for a dog, and avoiding his mischievous older sister. But things get crazy when the Hollingers adopt two corgi puppies and the team’s star pitcher breaks his arm. Even worse, a serial burglar has been targeting the neighborhood, and the Hollingers’ house is on the list. When the adults of the town become stumped, it’s up to Adam and the puppies to set things straight.
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Ages: 8 – 12

Corgi Capers: The Sorceress of Stoney Brook, the second book in the Corgi Capers series.

Corgi Capers: The Sorceress of Stoney Brook embroils Adam and Patrick in the scariest caper yet. The old Frostburg house has new tenants, and to Adam and Patrick, they look like witches. Belle and Cassie dress elaborately, speak strangely, and seem to know way too much about the Hollingers. Adam and Patrick read about how Logan Zephyr, their favorite comic book hero, defeated an evil sorceress and wonder if they, too, are facing real witches. When Belle asks Adam to rake leaves for her close to Halloween, Adam decides it’s a great excuse to investigate the house—or is it the perfect way for the witches to cast a spell on Adam and his best friend? Now available!


Corgi Capers 3: Curtain Calls and Fire Halls

corgi-capers-3-front-cover1Adam’s favorite comic book detective knows that a mystery can appear anywhere. This is a lesson Adam learns when money disappears from the Stoney Brook Fire Company, where he volunteers. But who would steal from the firefighters? Can one of his new friends be the culprit?

Meanwhile, Courtney tries to make things right after the mess she made on Halloween. She balances her time between volunteering at Willow Lakes Retirement Community and taking her wild pup Sapphie to obedience classes. But inspiration strikes in unexpected places, and Courtney finds herself captivated by an acting group that visits her school. Does Sapphie have what it takes to earn the canine role in the play and perform alongside Courtney?

Sapphie and Zeph add their own capers to the mix as they find new ways to escape and discover what exactly is hiding in the chilly autumn woods near their home. In this inspirational chapter in the Corgi Capers series, Adam and his friends discover exactly what makes the heart of a hero.

Short Stories


Picture Books

front-cover-previewRaven the corgi is afraid of . . . everything! During a snowstorm, Raven cowers in fear, remembering the scariest parts of each season: snow-monsters, b-b-b-aths, sea creatures, whistling wind . . . Meanwhile, Raven’s person, Cora, comforts the pup, remembering the best each season has to offer. Living in fear, Raven is unable to enjoy the magic that each day brings. Can Cora’s optimism convince the corgi to find warmth, love, and joy in each season and each day? Written in verse and beautifully illustrated, Cora Cassidy and the Craven Corgi is perfect for reading aloud at bedtime. Inspired by real-life fraidy-dog Yoda, the book was written by author of the Corgi Capers mystery series with the belief that we can find something magic every day of our lives.


Currently Working On

The Girl Who Flew Away: a young adult novel about a girl who is searching for her friend in an isolated state park in Connecticut–and ends up finding herself. (coming in 2016!)

April the Tentha middle-grade novel with a sprinkling of sci-fi. A girl spends Spring Break at her grandmother’s house. As she investigates the basement that contains her father’s childhood things, she gains insight into the strained dynamics of her family–and decides she has the power to change her family.

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