Faulkner’s Apprentice

I’m pleased to announce that my supernatural chiller, Faulkner’s Apprentice, is now available.

Lorelei Cecelia Faulkner's ApprenticeFranklin broke a twenty-year streak of bad luck when she won the L. Cameron Faulkner fiction contest. Apprenticed to the reclusive and famous author, Lorei will spend three weeks with the master of horror himself in the secluded mountains of Virginia. On her way to Faulkner’s mansion, Lorei meets a leathery man who snares souls that desire too much, and everything in the mansion screams warnings against him. But with her lust for Faulkner, her appetite for fame, and her wish to protect her ailing mother, Lorei’s chances for escape are slim.

It’s available at:

Val’s Author Store (Autographed Copies w/ Free Shipping!)



Barnes & Noble


The Book Depository



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