Faulkner’s Apprentice Artwork

In an effort to teach myself Photoshop’s “pen” tool (which can be used to create computer illustrations), I created this scene from Faulkner’s Apprentice:


The scene is a compilation of a few concepts in the novel. The woman in front is the protagonist, Lorelei. Lorei’s dream has always been to be an author, but she’s never been willing to put in the effort that will earn her success. She miraculously wins a horror contest, landing her a three-week stay with the king of horror, L. Cameron Faulkner. But her efforts seem to come too easily, and her circumstances seem too good to be true. She finds herself followed by “the bad man,” nearly a Svengali to her. Through the novel, strange tears in the wallpaper continue to perplex her as well, and she learns that everything at the Faulkner mansion is not as it seems…

I created the above computer illustration based on this very rough sketch:


I think I finally understand how the pen tool works. Now I just have to work on shading and adding depth and textures.

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for artwork, here’s one final piece I put together while, once again, practicing my Photoshop skills:


This scene takes place in the basement, in my mind the creepiest location in any house. The bad man is once again plaguing Lorei, this time in an unseen way. I like the expression on the model’s face–she is horrified and yet cannot look away. In the novel, Lorei finds herself doing things she wishes she wouldn’t. And the bad man’s eyes have just the perfect touch of evil and sick enjoyment of her torment.

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