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Forging Freedom Volume 1

I’ve been honored to edit the stories of Freedom Forge Press’s Forging Freedom anthology. These are thirty-five stories of freedoms lost, found, sought, and won–both fiction and non-fiction. In the anthology, you’ll find everything the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars to China’s one-child policy. The call for submissions resulting in authors from around the globe sending in stories that reinforce how important freedom is to humanity.

Forging Freedom: An Anthology of Freedoms Imagined, Lost, Found, and Won

Is freedom the true state of humankind? Or is humanity embroiled in a constant struggle against tyranny and oppression? Thirty-five authors living in seven countries tackle that question in the book Forging Freedom: An Anthology of Freedoms Imagined, Lost, Found, and Won.

Written by veterans, entrepreneurs, citizens, and writers from all walks of life, the book contains fictional tales of freedoms lost and won, essays on the current state of our freedom, and stories of freedoms imagined in a distant future or whimsical world.

Michelle Malkin, author, blogger, and small business owner, said of the anthology, “The contributors of Forging Freedom come from all walks of life, but are bound by their burning passion for liberty. Read this book. Share these stories with your children. Keep the flame burning!”

Katherine Mangu-Ward, Managing Editor of Reason Magazine, called the anthology, “A fun, fast, and fascinating read for anyone who loves liberty.”
After willingly relinquishing personal freedoms to serve his country while in the US Army, Freedom Forge Press founder Eric Egger noticed a trend of diminishing personal freedoms in civilian life. His call for submissions for the press’s inaugural anthology echo his concern:

  • The one-child policy in China restricting women from making choices about their own bodies
  • Government regulations imposing impediments to would-be entrepreneurs, harming the very people they purport to be helping
  • Citizens choosing safe, mediocre lives controlled by the government rather than taking risks that could lead to innovation, discovery, and a better life for all.

Eric’s submission call also resulted in imagined freedoms—or lack thereof—based in reality, in history, and in a futuristic world:

  • A new mother sacrificing time with her family to help the displaced citizens of the Vietnam conflict
  • A woman not allowed to fight during the Revolutionary War defying etiquette and expectations to save her imprisoned sons
  • A rebel working against the collectivist movement to secure individual rights—and consequences

Today, the government and media seem to choose stories that promote various agendas—none of which seem to be forwarding freedom. Freedom Forge Press founder Eric Egger established his press as a platform for individuals of all walks and abilities to share their stories of freedom. These are the types of stories that founded America as a beacon of freedom for the oppressed of the world. Now more than ever, we must preserve these stories and allow individuals to celebrate freedom and take heed against policies and causes that would seek to deny it.

It’s why Nansen Malin, social media expert, community organizer, and business owner, remarked, “This collection of stories will stir your soul, and educate and motivate you. They are stories of ‘forging freedom’, about individuals taking their lives and futures in their own hands. These are the stories our country needs to hear.”

You can order the anthology from Freedom Forge Press directly, or purchase a paperbook or ecopy at

Forging Freedom: Dimensions

CoverAfter our first anthology, we put out a call for more. We were overwhelmed with quality science fiction and speculative fiction—so much so that we decided to publish an anthology solely dedicated to the speculative fiction genre.

This anthology is for those who appreciate the freedom in our lives. For those who have seen their freedoms stolen and those who see freedom at risk. For those who have sacrificed their time and energies and risked their lives to preserve freedom. Those who believe that humanity has not yet reached its peak, that there is more to the world than we can currently imagine. This anthology is for those who gaze at the stars and wonder. Available at and Freedom Forge Press’s Publisher store.

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