Cora Cassidy and the Craven Corgi

front-cover-previewRaven the corgi is afraid of . . . everything! During a snowstorm, Raven cowers in fear, remembering the scariest parts of each season: snow-monsters, b-b-b-aths, sea creatures, whistling wind . . . Meanwhile, Raven’s person, Cora, comforts the pup, remembering the best each season has to offer. Living in fear, Raven is unable to enjoy the magic that each day brings. Can Cora’s optimism convince the corgi to find warmth, love, and joy in each season and each day? Written in verse and beautifully illustrated, Cora Cassidy and the Craven Corgi is perfect for reading aloud at bedtime. Inspired by real-life fraidy-dog Yoda, the book was written by author of the Corgi Capers mystery series with the belief that we can find something magic every day of our lives.

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