Romance Novella Now Available

For all you romance fans, my new novella is now available in e-book format. For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal is a sci-fi/time-travel/robotic romance… geeky love, time travel, and artificial intelligence… how can you go wrong?

In this time-travel romance with a sci-fi twist, Anna, a young graduate student, has found her intellectual soul mate. She and Dr. Thomas Wellesley, forty years her senior, have been working on sensitive research on applied time travel. He is her favorite part of the day and she’ll stop at nothing to please him. Modest and humble, she even ignores the requests of college suitors in favor of extended time in the research lab.

When a rival professor follows the pair into the lab and threatens their research and their safety, Dr. Wellesley does everything in his power to protect Anna from harm. But in his effort to protect her, he inadvertently sends her back in time. Forty years back in time, to be exact—to a time when a young, passionate student named Tommy Wellesley is just embarking on his first degree in physics. And it’ll be up to young Tommy to see her safely back to her own time. If he can bear to lose her.

This is rated 3 (out of 5) spicy peppers for sensuality (there are one or two scenes that would probably border on an R-rating in a movie), so it’s for adult readers only. You can buy it here at (for Kindle) and at OmniLit (for other electronic formats).

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