Writer Wednesdays: Unparallel Worlds with Alisa Jeruconoka

Welcome to my feature with Alisa Jeruconoka. Alisa has prepared original content about two characters in her book Unparallel Worlds.

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First of all thank you (and the Corgis) for this fantastic opportunity to spread the word about YA Fantasy Fiction Unparallel Worlds. The reason why I have chosen characters’ interview is because I think it’s one of the best ways to introduce the readers to the heart of the book.

From the outside you could be forgiven for thinking that Unparallel Worlds is a traditional fantasy book that is typical of the ones that have recently filled the shelves for young adults…but be prepared for very pleasant surprise. Unparallel Worlds is unique as it also mixes into it science fiction that also educates young adults on the wonders of the universe as well as the advances made in genetic engineering.

The story is set on a distant planet called Adriana. On this planet two civilizations exist in parallel dimensions and they are called Light and Darkness. A chance meeting between the two triggers a series of events that threatens their future so a gang of weird and wonderful characters from both sides assemble and set out on an epic adventure to save their planet – only to soon realise they will be saving the universe as well!

The following is an interview/ meeting between two characters in the book (this is unique content as this version is not in the book):

Laylah – The godmother from the Light Side.

Zalion – the King of Darkness

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Zalion: Laylah thank you for giving me another chance to see you.

Laylah: This will be our last chance to meet so thank you also, given that the portal will close at any time and you could be trapped here and prevented from travelling back to that wretched place.

Zalion: I have of chosen to meet you as I trust you, I need your help, tell those on your side about the betrayal that King Edmond committed and the effect this has, for only you on your side knows that we must exist together to create harmony and a future for our civilizations.

Laylah: Well, we all make mistakes and his seems to be epic…it is, as you know my legacy to protect Edmond and the people of the Empire of Light. I know we are getting weak and our immortality is no longer promised, as we do not have the essence of darkness from your kingdom, so I will help as much as I can.

Zalion: As you have probably guessed I am here because we are also suffering, my people are mutating because Edmond refuses to give us even a fraction of light needed for us to evolve.  So I am here to trade, my kingdom’s essence of darkness to sustain your immorality in return for a fraction of light, for my people to evolve, if not then I will attack to get what I need.

Laylah: Why would you attack?

Zalion: Because Edmond and his Empire have turned their backs on us and think they can find the essence of darkness through another mean, for example they abducted my son to experiment on him and extract the Dark essence in order for the people of Light to get stronger, they do not care for my people or want to help my kingdom.

Laylah: I helped, I got Leonard your son back to the portal and into your kingdom again, safe and sound.

Zalion: I will be always grateful to you for that and that’s why I’m here, come with me, for if the trade talks collapse then I will attack and I will win and you will be spared, for my side is getting stronger, I will not tell you now how, but we are getting stronger.

Laylah: Is that the only thing you are grateful for? and how is it possible that your side is getting stronger for you need the light to give you power?

Zalion: That is still the case but only for us to evolve – not for us to become more physically stronger. We have found a way and built an army of genetically modified warriors who are stronger and quicker than anything you have seen, more importantly, they are ready to attack. And no it’s not the only thing I am grateful for, the memories of you and our love kept me alive through tough times but now the future is more important to me and if the trade talks collapse I will attack. I ask again, come with me for I will win the war.

Laylah: You want another war? More death, more sorrow?  Have you not learned, we need peace for both our civilizations to exist, isn’t this what we together have always dreamed about. Zalion? I loved you also and although our destinies are entwined, we will never be together. If you want to see me happy please leave me alone and erase all the memories about me and withdraw from your war plans. I will not go with you as my duty is here with my kingdom and for all his faults King Edmond.

Zalion: I will not force you to come with me against you will for I care for you too much for that.

Laylah: You are an admiral person and thank you for your respect I also will never forget our time and love together but I must stay here. If there is a piece of happiness that I can give you then take my lock. For in this I have trapped the happy memories we shared and if what you say is true and my Empire loose the war then I will be dead, at least then one of us will have these happy memories….

P.S What Laylah does not tell Zalion is that in the lock she gives him is the DNA of a wonderful boy who goes onto playing a major part in saving Adriana and the two civilizations.

If you like to find out more about the insights and wonders of ‘’Unparallel Worlds’’ then have a look at the following characters’ interviews, which I hope even more brings out the story of ‘’Unparallel Worlds’’:



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