Spot Writers: Serial Flash Fiction Chapter 9

This episode of Remy’s story comes to us from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL and A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, both available from Amazon or B&N. He’s looking forward to the release of A LITTLE BIT OF BABY November 3.

Next week’s Chapter will be written by Val Muller. Check out her spicy romance novella, For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal, and her middle-grade mystery series, Corgi Capers. Find out more at

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What to do? Remy retreated to the kitchen and downed the dregs of her morning coffee. Yuck, it was cold. She put the cup down and tried to steady her fidgety hands. The clock said it was time to go to work, but how could she? Okay, so what was the big to do? She had to face the man and she would. On her own terms. When she wanted to.

Stop stalling, she told herself. You’d think this guy was something special. As if it mattered what he thought of her. What she thought of him. Why was he sitting on her doorstep like that? He liked her? Well, obviously he did, but what about Barbara? And his child? His child!

Okay, that was it. Remy picked up her purse again and started for the door. A brilliant thought struck her. She didn’t have to get to work exactly on time every day. She was never late. Dr. Kendrick would be mad, but she deserved a little slack at least once. Jeremy wanted to block her doorway with his butt? Well, he could block a little longer.

She put down her jacket and meandered into the bathroom. Her makeup wasn’t quite perfect yet. And another little brushing wouldn’t hurt her hair. Did her nails need a touch up too? Pulling the brush through her hair, her stomach tightened. Conscience, darn she was supposed to get to work on time. Darn you Jeremy. You’re making me do things I don’t like to do.

Grabbing her purse and jacket again, she strode to the door, and threw it open. “What do you want?”

Startled, Jeremy looked up and grinned. “I want to talk to you.”

“We have nothing to talk about.”

His grin died. “I want to explain. Why are you so upset?”

“You tried to trap me in my condo. I’m not upset- I’m mad.” She hated being nasty, but she had to be so he’d leave her alone. If he didn’t she’d be in big trouble.

“I’m sorry. You don’t have to talk to me right now. I just—”

“Good. I have to go to work.” Remy tried to step past him, but he didn’t move. “If you don’t mind?”

Jeremy gave her the most forlorn look, then got to his feet, and stepped aside. “When can I see you?”

She almost said something like, ‘you can wait ’til doomsday’, but somehow that’s not what came out. Instead, she said, “I don’t know.” The words didn’t even have much snap to them. Darn, what was wrong with her?

“Listen,” he said, sounding almost desperate, “I’ll stop by tonight, after work.”

She charged past him and headed for her car. She should have told him not to bother, but she hadn’t. Well, she could tell him after work.


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