Spot Writers: Chapter 13

Episode 13 of Remy’s story comes to us from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL and A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, both available from Amazon or B&N. He’s looking forward to the release of A LITTLE BIT OF BABY, due in November.

Next week’s episode will be by Val Muller. Check out her romantic sci-fi novella, For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal, and her middle-grade mystery series, Corgi Capers. Find out more at


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Chapter 13


Remy blew out a breath. Her hands began to sweat. This was a little tricky. And maybe dangerous if Jeremy decided to start trouble. All she needed was for Jeremy to  beat up her boss.


“None of your damn business. Get lost,” Jeremy snarled.


“Jeremy, stop. You’re drunk. I’m not going to talk to you right now,” Remy said sharply.


Dr. Sam approached her and gently touched her arm. Remy turned and gave him a small smile in the glare from the porch light.


“You ‘ve been avoiding me. I want to talk to you,” Jeremy mumbled.


“We have nothing to talk about. You have a girlfriend or a wife, and a baby on the way,” Remy declared.


“Nope. Don’t! No way! Barbara’s a pain. I don’t even know her, “Jeremy sputtered.


He reached for Remy’s arm again, but Dr. Sam stepped between them.


“That’s enough,” Dr. Sam said calmly.


“Bug off, man. I got to explain,” Jeremy growled.


“Explain what?” Remy said, reaching out to restrain Dr. Sam. This was very nice of him, trying to be her chivalrous knight , but no way she wanted him hurt on her account. What was it her father used to say? “Protect your boss and he’ll take care of you.” This wasn’t exactly a business dispute, but the idea still applied. Didn’t it? Daddy never said anything about getting your boss’s butt kicked for him!


“I got to explain. Barbara’s a wacko. I bought her a drink once in a bar, that’s all. She’s driving me crazy with this baby stuff and telling people I’m the father. One drink, that’s all,” Jeremy insisted.


“Okay, got that,  but you were manhandling the lady tonight,” Dr. Sam said. “You need to go home and sleep it off.”


“I know what I’m doing. Who the hell are you anyway?” Jeremy demanded, drawing himself stiffly upright and glaring at Dr. Sam.


“I’m her boyfriend,” Dr. Sam said very clearly.




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