The Buttersmiths’ Gold (Evertaster Series) by Adam Glendon Sidwell

This novella is the second work in the Evertaster Series (you can read my review of Book 1 here). In Book 1, Guster travels the globe looking for ingredients that make up The One Recipe. One of the places he travels involves two Vikings named Torbjorn and Storfjell who help him (among other ways) by giving him the most delicious butter on Earth (literally).

This novella is a side story to the series—it does not involve Guster or his family at all; rather, it tells the back story of Torbjorn and Storfjell as young men, explaining how they came upon the special butter. Like the first tale, the novella was well-written. There was fun word play and clever plotline. For example, the Vikings’ prized possession is their blueberry muffins—because what else can you smother with the most delicious butter on Earth? Though enjoyed the “Guster” storyline better, this book was an interesting addition to the original tale—I recommend reading them one right after the other, or reading this novella when you get to the part in Book 1 involving Torbjorn and Storfjell.

A warning: when reading either of these books, you will start craving food. Just saying!

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