Book Review: Secret of Haunted Bog by BBH McChiller

This book is the second in the Monster Moon series written by BBH McChiller, which is the pen name of a team of three authors (Lynn Kelley, Kathryn Sant, and Maria Toth). The book follows the adventures of a twelve-year-old named AJ. He and his friends, Freddy and Emily, travel to Chinatown with his aunt. While she is at her acupuncture appointment, the three get into trouble when they wander into a bog. Turns out, the bog is haunted as well as harboring a mysterious girl named Mei, whose face has been plastered around town on “missing persons” posters. There are also mysterious noises and creatures in the bog, including two-headed frogs and something that appears to be a giant monster. While in the bog, the three also break out in a mysterious rash.

The book is a mystery, so I won’t reveal too much. On the way back from acupuncture, AJ’s aunt hurts her ankle, so she must spend the night in the hospital. As a result, the kids are able to sneak around in the bog for a while. The book is perfect for kids who like creepy reads. There’s enough “boyishness” to attract male readers, but there are also two strong female characters as well, appealing to female readers. It’s reminiscent of the types of stories one might read in the Goosebumps series. I especially enjoyed the use of kid-friendly imagery—very effective. I would have loved this series when I was a kid, as I’ve always been partial to slightly creepy stories.

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