Flash Fiction: Rings and Things

Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for this month is to use candy, whistle, ferry, ring, and kitchen in a story


Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of A BLANKET FOR HER HEART.



By R. C. Bonitz


Lavinia stuffed a piece of hard candy in her mouth as the whistle on the teakettle burst into song. She cussed the useless thing; the handle would be scorching hot. She’d let it reach a full boil, which was a big mistake. And that was the least of her worries—her engagement ring had disappeared. She’d been tearing the kitchen apart looking for it, to no avail. It was either buried in the carrot cake she’d made or down the kitchen drain. She groaned. She so wanted to surprise John with a homemade birthday cake when he came in on the ferry.


A glance at the clock above the sink chilled her heart. John would be home in ten minutes, fifteen at most. She couldn’t tell him about the ring until she found it. He’d be horrified if he thought it was gone. That beautiful diamond he’d spent so much money on. Good grief.


First the drain, that she had to check. With her kitchen tongs she dug around inside the garbage disposal, feeling for the ring. There was lots of soft stuff in there. Carrot scrapings from the cake, she began to pull them out. One strip, two, three, four, five, how many bloody carrots had she used? Finally, all she felt was hard stuff: the disposal, or the ring? She grabbed at anything the tongs hit, but nothing moved, she was grasping for parts of the disposal. The front door slammed shut. John! The cake. But how could she check it?


He stepped into the kitchen, a smile on his face as usual. “Hello love.”


“Hi sweetie. Happy birthday.” What could she tell him?


“What’s for dinner?”


Ah ha, that was it! “A special birthday surprise.” She held up the cake.


He blinked. “Cake?”


“Carrot cake.”


“No meatloaf? Lasagna?”


“It has veggies.”


“That’s original,” he murmured.


“Sit down, it’s ready.”




Lavinia sliced a large piece and put it on a plate in front of him.


“Extraordinary idea,” he said and raised an eyebrow before he shoved a forkful in his mouth.


“Take small bites.”




“Chew slowly. Savor it.”




“Have some more.”


“Odd scheme.”


She began to eat.




It might not be enough; at least half the cake was left. They could have it for desert, too. Where was the bloody ring? She took another bite.


“Interesting idea. How did you come up with it?” he asked.


“Oh, I just thought it might be fun. Have some more.”


He filled his mouth again and stood up.


“Where are you going? You haven’t finished.”


“Mhmph,” he mumbled and pointed at the coffee maker as he reached for a new filter.


She cut him another slice of cake. Coffee was good; it would help to wash down the cake.


He pulled the coffee canister from the freezer where she kept it and snapped the top off.


She took another bite of cake and chewed carefully. They couldn’t finish the whole cake at one sitting. Could they? Maybe if she sliced it very thin she’d find the ring. Then she could squish it back together. He’d never notice.




He’d been very quiet with the coffee. She looked up from the table. He was smiling, his eyes laughing. “I think I found your inspiration.” The ring sparkled in his hand.



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