Fantastic Fridays: Live Life Like a Dog

March is one of those months that contains three seasons of the year in one week. For those of us eager for spring, it can be a frustrating time. So for today’s Fantastic Friday post, I thought I’d share insight from my dogs. Dogs have it right. They don’t dwell on what they don’t have; they relish in what they do. So live life like a dog.

Love every moment of life.

Sometimes all I need to do to smile is watch my dogs. In fact, one of my favorite poems is “Golden Retrievals” by Mark Doty. It’s a poem about how dogs bring us out of our human “funks” and help us enjoy each magical moment life has to offer. So today, I’m sharing a few magical moments with my corgis.

Here is Leia “frapping” in the snow instead of being grumpy about how much has fallen:


Nothing's as awesome as rubbing your head through tunnels of freshly-fallen snow.

Nothing’s as awesome as rubbing your head through tunnels of freshly-fallen snow.


And if every-day chores like brushing your teeth have got you down, simply make wacky faces, and it suddenly doesn’t seem as bad:



What can be better than turkey-flavored toothpaste?


Winter doldrums still got you down? Try a little cross-country skiing:



Those smiles, though!


And if that’s too much exercise, try doing it the corgi way:




Because when you live life like a dog, there’s never a wrong time to take a little nap:



Being a cute, happy dog is sooooo tiring sometimes!


As part of the Corgi Community, I see friends posting about the passing of their dogs, and the most common theme is not regret at having lost their dog but joy in all the memories they were able to build. Dogs truly do live in the moment, and while as humans we cannot always ignore the past or the future, sometimes it’s beneficial simply to enjoy what we have and be thankful for those magical moments.

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