Flash Fiction: Moonlight on the Bay

Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for this month is to write a scene involving the moon. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of A BLANKET FOR HER HEART. His latest book, DANGEROUS DECISIONS, has just been accepted for publication by REBEL INK PRESS.


Moonlight on the Bay

by RC Bonitz


Maggie couldn’t sleep. Moonlight streamed into her room, stirring her imagination. Luke was right out there in the harbor, probably fast asleep on that boat of his, oblivious to the lush warmth of the star filled night. Well, she’d diddled around long enough, protecting her virtue, guarding her psyche from the possible wounds of betrayed love. Her psyche could stay in bed; she was going out to Luke’s boat. Let the chips fall where they may. She giggled. Wouldn’t he be surprised.


Down to the dock she went, dragged a marina dinghy from the rack, and shoved it in the water. Snagging a pair of paddles, she climbed aboard and set out across the tiny harbor.


The moon was a silver orb on the horizon, silhouetting the anchored boats in dark shadow against the gray sky. Calm wind and a glassy sea made for easy progress as she rowed and she eased her pace, trying instead for a stealthy approach. If she wanted to see total surprise on his face quiet had to be her modus operandi.


What was that? A splash? Probably a fish jumping. She kept rowing. Another splash, another fish? Luke would love to be out here with his fishing rod. He’d be happily hauling them in tonight. Maybe she’d tell him about the fish. Later, afterwards. She leaned back, drew in a deep breath, and chuckled. Luke was a delicious man, oh yes. A great guy, but he could be bit more pushy about sex. Well, after tonight maybe he’d be more sure of her reactions. Would he ever. A frisson of excitement ran up her back. She rowed harder.


Thump. Her dinghy stopped dead in the water. What had she run into out here in the middle of the harbor?

“What the devil?” a muffled voice said.

A familiar voice? Next to her in the shadows? She reached out to the side and touched rubber. An inflatable dinghy?


“Maggie? I was on my way to see you.”

“You were?”

He laughed softly. “Looks like great minds and all of that.”

“The moonlight, it—”

“I know,” he murmured. “I feel it too.”

She took a deep breath. “Should we?”

He reached out and squeezed her hand. “Like I said. Great minds and all that.”



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