Flash Fiction: Next by Val Muller

Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for this month is “As the policeman pulled back the sheet she knew immediately that…”

Today’s contribution comes from Val Muller, author of The Scarred Letter, a novel celebrating the strength and truth embraced by Hawthorne’s original protagonist—in a modern setting. Find out more at www.ValMuller.com.


by Val Muller

As the policeman pulled back the sheet, she knew immediately that she couldn’t do it.

“I won’t go,” Mel said. “Give me back the sheet. It’s cold.” She curled up in the fetal position, trying to salvage the escaping warmth. Her black silk camisole and garter barely offered any warmth to the rising gooseflesh.

“You have to go,” Danny said, snapping the sheet off the bed. “She’s your cousin.” He tilted his head, and the vinyl black and blue policeman’s hat nearly toppled off his head.

“My distant cousin. And who ever heard of a ‘Tarts and Uniforms’ party? How about a wholesome, old-fashioned bachelorette party?”

Danny pulled off his policeman hat. “You know she loves the scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Mel rolled her eyes. “In that movie, it’s a Tarts and Vicars party, not a Tarts and Uniforms one.”

Danny chuckled. “Guess she didn’t want to be sacrilegious.”

Mel scowled. “Yes, asking all her female guests to dress like prostitutes is the epitome of wholesomeness, isn’t it? Besides, isn’t that the scene where Bridget makes a total fool of herself when she’s the only one to show up at the party scantily clad? I just can’t go out like this.”

“Well, you’re not getting the sheet back. You RSVP’d that we’d both go, dressed as Julie requested. Besides, you should be thankful I agreed to be your Plus One.” Danny flashed a smile.

Mel pulled the fitted sheet off the bed and wrapped herself in it. “I changed my mind. I’m not going. Not dressed like this. It’s probably illegal, anyway, going out in public like this.”

“That’s why you’ll wear a jacket ‘til you get there.” Danny laughed, pulling out his plastic nightstick. “Besides, ma’am, I think I know what’s legal and not legal around here—”

“And you, Danny. You could get in trouble for impersonating a police officer, I’m sure.”

“It’s a costume.”

“It’s not Halloween.”


Mel ducked her head under the fitted sheet.

Danny tugged at the sheet. “It isn’t even a convincing costume. I don’t think I could fool a three-year old. It’s all I could find in a pinch. Having a Tarts and Uniforms party in the middle of June doesn’t make it easy for those of us looking for costumes. Come on, I went out of my way to get a costume for this party just so I could go with you.” He pouted playfully.

“I’d trade places with you in an instant. Besides, Julie should just have a normal bachelorette party and let Ryan have a normal bachelor party. The guests aren’t supposed to be the ones dressing up. Who ever heard of a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette party, anyway?”

“She wanted to have a mixer. Maybe set up the next couple to get married.” Danny’s eyes linger on Mel a little too long. Then his face paled, and he cleared his throat, averting his eyes.

“Then what would be the point of us going?” Mel asked. “You hoping to meet your future wife there?”

“I think I’ve already met her,” he said, the words slipping out before he could stop them. He cleared his throat again.

Mel loosened her grip on the fitted sheet. Marriage had never come up, not in the two years they’d been together. She’d always hoped but never pressed… She spoke slowly, softly, not sure what words would emerge. “Now that you mention it…” She cleared her throat. “I would rather spend the evening with you. See a movie. Take a walk at the river.” She glanced down at the fitted sheet she wore like a robe. “Wearing actual clothing…”

Danny looked up again, and she followed his gaze. It lingered on the way the moonlight left little splotches of light on the crumpled sheet.

“Okay,” he said. “Deal”

As he changed out of his costume, she pulled on jeans and a shirt. She couldn’t help but smile, thinking that maybe at the wedding, she would be the one to catch Julie’s bouquet—and right there with Danny as her Plus One, too.


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