Flash Fiction: Incident at a Wedding by RC Bonitz

Welcome to the Spot Writers. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of the new book, DANGEROUS DECISIONS, which was just released. The prompt for this month involves the use of the following- a planet inhabited mostly by cats, a glitter gun, and a unicorn hunter. A little fantasy anyone?

Incident at a Wedding

by RC Bonitz

“Did you hear?” Patti Persian asked breathlessly.

“Hear what?” Susan Longhair said.

“You didn’t, did you. It was terrible. You should have been there.”

“What was terrible?”

“Oh, you wouldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t if I wasn’t there myself.”

“What? What happened?”

“It was at the wedding. You know, Tom and Kitty’s wedding?”

“Tom? Do I know him?”

“Of course, he’s the movie star, the mouser.”

“Mouser? What’s a mouse?”

“I don’t know, some kind of a pest that was in the movies with Tom all the time. Anyway, they were there and so were Catnip and Felix. He was best cat. He was a movie star too, a long time ago.”

“Oh. All these cat names, I don’t know.”

“Come on, we live on an all cat planet. Except for the unicorns of course,” Patti huffed.

“So, anyway, what happened?” Susan said.

“It was after the wedding. Hubert and Horace were hitched to their coach and they were set to go off on their catymoon. Then—”

“Who are Hubert and Horace?”

“Unicorns. They were there to pull the wedding coach. It was beautiful.”

Susan groaned. “What was?”

“The coach, silly. The Grand Poobah loaned it to Tom and Kitty for the occasion.”

“Oh, okay, I get it.”

“You do? You know what happened?” Patti said, looking somewhat puzzled.

“Tell me. I’m confused.”

“Well, I should think you would be, interrupting me like that. He tried to kill them.”

Susan twitched her whiskers and simply blinked at her companion.

“That’s right, he did.”

“Who did?”

“Why, the unicorn hunter of course. He came running out of nowhere with a spear. But guess what? You’ll never guess, I know you won’t. Want me to tell you?”

Susan nodded, her whiskers twitching wildly with anticipation.

Patti grinned as only Persian cats can. “I shot him with a glitter gun.”



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