Fantastic Friday: Free Books, Act Fast

I’m posting this at midnight eastern time, giving readers 3 hours of warning. On Friday, April 29 (Pacific time), my publisher (Barking Rain Press) is participating in an ebook giveaway. The free ebooks will go to the first 100 people to place an item in their cart, so time is limited. Here are the details:

  1. You must be a fan of the organization sponsoring the activity, 1000s of Free Books. You can find them on Twitter or Facebook The reason? The organization will be providing a special coupon code for you to use. You’ll be able to see this coupon code by looking at their Twitter and Facebook feeds on April 29. Check early and often for the code!
  2. Go to and choose the book you want to add to your cart. (Here are some details about the offer right from the publisher!)
  3. At checkout, use the coupon code provided by 1000s of Free Books. Once 100 people have used the coupon code, it will no longer work (a message will pop up saying “this coupon code is no longer valid”).

If you get there too late and aren’t one of the first 100 readers to use the coupon, fear not! Barking Rain Press is running a special through Mother’s Day. All ebooks are discounted to $2.99. My young adult novel The Scarred Letter is among them. Here’s the trailer:



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