Flash Fiction: A Death in the Family

Welcome to the Spot Writers. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of DANGEROUS DECISIONS and the soon to be released ONLY EMMA. The topic for this month is “death in the family”.


By RC Bonitz

You really could call it that, a death in the family, though in the household might be the more accurate term. I mean, who would call a cockroach a member of their family? Even if she were highly literate and a prolific writer. You think I’m wacko? Well, think what you like, Eloise not only could write rings around most humans; she was a direct descendant of Archie of “Archie and Mehitabel” fame.  Probably twenty-five generations removed, but who’s counting?

I found her this morning, sprawled out on the G key of my computer. It was probably one too many concussions that did her in. I don’t know how Archie died all those years ago, but he used to jump headfirst onto the keys of Don Marquis’ (sp?) old fashioned typewriter which I’m sure delivered a heavy duty bump compared to the softer touch of a modern keyboard.

Eloise didn’t have a cat to hang out with the way her ancestor did, though I’m not sure anymore just what role Mehitabel played in Archie’s life. Eloise had a partner of her own kind, Sam his name was, until he missed his footing boarding an Amtrak train one day with Eloise. She wrote an eloquent obituary for him that night instead of her usual scathing review of the reality TV show they had attended the recording of that day in New York.

She didn’t think much of our reality TV. Broadway shows, yes; she loved most of the ones she saw. Once or twice though she was spotted by a human as she perched on the back of a seat in the balcony and that just ruined the mood for her. Luckily the women who noticed her just screamed and she was able to slip down into crevices and hide.

Unfortunately, she never figured out how to print her essays and stories, and I never thought to do so either, so from now on I’ll have only memories of her writing. Who knows, though; perhaps one of her children will follow in her footsteps as she followed Archie’s example and I’ll get a second chance to preserve some unique writing. For now though it’s farewell Eloise.


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