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This week, I had the opportunity to interview Victoria Roder, who has a new cozy mystery novel out. I’ll admit that as a corgi “mom,” I was excited because I know Victoria loves animals just as much as I do. 

Tell us about yourself.
Author Picture smVR: Thanks for hosting  me on your site, Valerie. I’m Victoria Roder and I live in Central Wisconsin with my husband, two dogs, four cats and a lizard. I have a goal  to incorporate each of my pets somewhere in my writing  so they will each be immortalized. I love to camp, hike, shoot bow, canoe and of course, write. I write a little something for everyone, ghost stories, action thrillers, cozy mysteries, picture books, middle grade reads and puzzle books.

Tell us about your book.
My new cozy mystery form Champagne Books Group is D.I.C.KS Case One: Holy Murder A New Smyrna Beach mystery.

Three friends and co-workers stumble upon a murder. They decide to hide the body until they can find their kidnapped Pastor before he meets the same fate. With humor and a little love along the way, the newly formed D.I.C.KS., Dames Investigating Crimes and Killers, stumble upon a prescription drug ring that leads them to break and enter buildings, follow criminals to an adult bookstore, and be betrayed by the most unlikely of suspects.

What is your “day job”?
I am the parts purchasing assistant for Mid-State Truck. I order parts for our six locations.

Who is your favorite character in your book, and why?
I have three main characters that are friends and work together. I love all three of them. Jess is the level DICKSheaded straight guy, Adamary the bombshell and Liz is the comic relief. I guess I identify with the goofball Liz the most. If something goofy is going to happen, it will happen to her. I can relate to that.

Are any elements of your book autobiographical or inspired by elements of your life?
I have three friends that I worked with at a church. The church was the inspiration for the location and the idea of amateur sleuths getting themselves into one awkward situation after another came about from hanging around those amazing, hilarious women.

What’s your favorite scene or location in the work you’re currently promoting, and why?
My favorite scene would be when the woman, for good reasons, are trying to hide a dead body they found in the sanctuary and someone walks in on them. It has an Abbott and Costello kind of feel to the

If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what non-survival item would you bring along that you couldn’t live without?
Since you’re asking for an object, I guess I can’t list my fur-babies which I would have a hard time living without. So for an object I would choose to have a pen and paper so even though no one would ever read it, I could still write.

Be sure to check out Victoria’s website, Facebook, and blog: 

Thanks for reading! Check out Victoria’s new book from Champagne Books Group: D.I.C.KS Case One: Holy Murder A New Smyrna Beach Mystery

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