Fantastic Friday: Nature’s Gifts

Maybe it’s just this time of year, on the cusp of summer, but I sure feel like a transcendentalist lately. It seems no matter what is happening, it feels better out in nature.

Battling a stressful literary magazine seemed impossible indoors, but proofing the issue outside, among chirping birds and wind whispering in the trees, everything fell into perperspective.

The issue is now at the printer.

The heavy rains left our lawn looking like a jungle, but the clay “soil” is still preventing us from mowing parts of it. Tackling the chore, we came upon a gift of nature. Cuddled in a tuft of tall grass was a tiny baby deer, smaller than my corgis, completely trusting as we approached for a picture.


We showed our daughter and neighbors, took a picture, and left so as not to frighten away its mother, who returned several hours later to claim the fawn.

It was a magic moment that made an otherwise forgettable evening of chores something we will all remember. Nature has so many gifts, even after challenging us. We need only open our eyes.

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