Flash Fiction: The Moocher by Phil Yeats

Welcome to the Spot Writers. This month’s prompt: “A cat always stares at something behind it’s owners back.”

Today’s post comes from Phil Yeats. Last December, Phil (using his Alan Kemister pen name) published his most recent novel. Tilting at Windmills, the second in the Barrettsport Mysteries series of soft-boiled police detective stories set in an imaginary Nova Scotia coastal community is available on Amazon.

The Moocher


Phil Yeats

The damn beast, a five-kilogram grey and black tabby that considered my yard part of its imperial domain, had returned. It snuck up to me slinking ahead in that crouching hunting pose characteristic of cats. Its gaze was intent on something behind me, a mouse or bird it stalked using me for camouflage.

I slowly turned my head peeking behind me at whatever the dumb animal sought. I saw nothing, I never did, and the blasted cat’s reaction never varied. When I made the slightest movement, it arched its back, its hair stood on end, and it hissed.

In the early days of this stupid feline game, I tried to wait it out, refusing to move a muscle. The effort was pointless. It could maintain its hunting crouch indefinitely. Eventually I’d twitch, and the damn thing would hiss.

I fetched it a cracker, Nabisco Triangle Thins were its favourite, and settled on my patio lounger. It licked the salt before crunching my offering leaving masses of crumbs for the birds and mice. Was it planning ahead, luring its unsuspecting prey into the open?

It hopped into my lap, turning about and kneading its paws the way cats do, before settling down for a nap. It would soon be purring quietly. Would it dream about the imaginary prey that never lurked behind me, or smugly consider how gullible I was, so easily tricked out of a cracker?


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