Writing Updates :-)

I just learned that my story, “A Lasting Impression” (working title) has been accepted for the September/October 2011 issue of New Moon Girls magazine. After taking a creative writing class as a way of kicking my writing motivation into gear, I made my first sale to this magazine back in 2008. It’s a magazine targeted to pre-teen girls, and I submitted here to sharpen my middle-grade writing skills.

Not having “branded” myself yet in any one genre or market, I also write horror for adults. Browing amazon.com for a link to one of the anthologies that published my work, I found a review that mentioned me by name. While having my name mentioned in a review is not an earth-shattering thing, it’s certainly exciting! Reviewer M. Souza writes, ” I found a handful of new authors [in Fearology] I’m going to be keeping my eyes on, and I’m going to highlight a handful of my favorites: Val Muller’s “Horrible Harry” – The story of a woman alone carrying the fear of a boogeyman who killed her father….” (amazon.com review).

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