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Today I’m featuring author Jaidis Shaw, author of recently-released Destiny Awaits (Juniper Grove Chronicles #1). She has agreed to subject not only herself to an interview, but one of her characters as well. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the interview for a chance to win a copy of her ebook!

Without giving too much away, can you tell us a bit about your book?
After the death of her parents, Alayna Scott packs up and moves to Juniper Grove in hopes of starting over. But instead, she unknowingly catches the eye of a local vampire who selects her as his next meal. Through a series of events, Alayna is brought into a world that she never knew existed and struggles to not only survive but against what she has become.

Synopsis: Twenty-year-old Alayna Scott receives visions around water, but even her foresight couldn’t prepare her for the tragic accident that claimed the lives of her parents. With everything she loves gone, Alayna packs up and moves to the small town of Juniper Grove in hopes of starting over. Jayden McKnight can’t explain the attraction that he feels whenever Alayna is near, but he does know that he will do whatever it takes to win her heart. When a vampire selects Alayna as his next victim, Jayden will stop at nothing to ensure her safety – even if that means bringing Alayna into a world that she never knew existed. Love blossoms, challenges are made and Alayna will find herself fighting not only to survive, but to understand what she has become.

If your book were a movie, what rating would you give it (PG, R, etc.)?
If my book were made into a movie, I would like to think that the rating would be PG – 13 since the book is geared towards a YA audience.

Questions with Alayna

I understand that water holds a special power for you. Tell us about it.
For those of you who I am just meeting for the first time, the power that my lovely host speaks of is the ability to see visions in water. Before I moved to Juniper Grove, I did everything I could to keep my visions a secret so that people wouldn’t consider me a freak. That all changed after I moved and I found that I needed the visions to survive. I am becoming more comfortable with the visions and myself with each passing day.

Why did you decide to pack up everything and move to Juniper Grove?
My move came out of necessity and desperation. It was hard enough to accept the death of my parents and there was a small chance that I could have stayed and made it work but I just couldn’t do it. Everyone treated me differently after the accident and no matter where I went or what I did; someone would always say how sorry they were or how terrible it was. Have you ever tried to move on after a tragic loss and even though people try to be sympathetic, you just wish they would act like it never happened at all? That’s how I felt. I was struggling to keep things together and I just needed to get away and go some place where nobody knew about the accident.

I’m sorry to hear about your recent attack. What can you tell us about it?
It certainly came as a shock, that’s for sure. I was just outside, minding my own business, when a man came out of nowhere. Of course later I found out that what I thought was a man was in actuality a vampire who thought it would be funny to sink his teeth into my flesh. For better or worse, that attack has changed my life and there is no way that I can go back.

Who is Jayden, and how would you characterize your relationship with him?
Jayden is amazing! *Smiles* He started out as my neighbor when I first moved to Juniper Grove and he helped me get my new house cleaned up. I knew when I first met him that I liked him but I was hesitant to let anyone close to me. But when he risked everything to save me I knew that I needed him in my life. Some people may think that I rushed into a relationship with him but we make each other happy and that’s all that matters.

I’m thinking about relocating. Would you recommend I move to Juniper Grove?
Vampires aside, Juniper Grove is an amazing place to live and there are so many wonderful people and businesses here. There is an amazing bakery in town that has re-opened and sells these homemade pepperoni rolls stuffed with cheese. They are so delicious and I could eat them every day! I’m so glad that I chose to move here and if you are ever in town, be sure to stop by and say hello.

Author Bio: Jaidis Shaw currently resides in a small town located in South Carolina with her husband and beautiful daughter. With a passion for reading, Jaidis can always be found surrounded by books and dreaming of new stories. She enjoys challenging herself by writing in different genres and currently has several projects in the works. When not reading or writing, Jaidis fills the position of Book Tour Coordinator for Nurture Your Books™, maintains the Juniper Grove blog and loves encouraging her daughter to let her imagination run wild.



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