Spot Writers: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

“Are not,” Jeremy slurred, his drunkenness hardening to anger. “Remy never mentioned a boyfriend. Leave us alone, we’ve got stuff to do.” He reached to put his arm around her, but he was too drunk to reach.

Sam Kendrick narrowed his eyes. “Stay away from my girlfriend,” he said.

Remy, trying not to look or sound shocked, needed to stall for time. What should she do? Play along with it? Tell them both to get lost? Call the police? She took a deep breath, trying not to let the situation get the best of her. How did things go from relaxing night out with friends to sordid love triangle so quickly?

“Jeremy,” Remy said, speaking slowly and clearly, “this is Dr. Sam Kendrick.” She wanted to add a descriptor, but what would she say? Dr. Sam Kendrick, my boss? Dr. Sam Kendrick, my boyfriend? The corner of her mouth drew up in an unconscious smile at the thought of it. What would Irene say!

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. “Dr. Sam Kendrick, huh? What kind of doctor are you? One of those academic pricks? Or a dentist, perhaps?”

“Jeremy, you’re drunk,” Remy said. “Go home. Call me when you’re sober, and I’ll explain everything.” That’ll buy me time to figure this out.

“I’m plenty sober,” Jeremy barked. “I want answers now. I thought we had a date tonight, Remy.”

“Look, Jeremy. I don’t know what the deal is with Barbara, but I can’t deal with her. The two of you need to work things out.”

“And if I work things out with Barbara, you’ll go on a date with me?” His lower eyelid twitched, and he held up his knife as if a subconscious manifestation of his thoughts.

Remy felt herself being backed into a corner. This was a side of Jeremy she didn’t like. Drunk. Violent. Confused.

“I’m sorry, Jeremy, but I can’t.”

“Why not? You just said—”

“I’m sorry,” Remy said, swallowing hard and barely believing that the words were coming from her mouth. “It’s just that I’m already dating—Sam.”

Jeremy narrowed his eyes, including both Remy and Sam in his line of vision. He chewed his lip as if trying to justify them in his mind as a couple.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, though he did manage to close his knife and shove it in his pocket.

Remy stepped closer to Sam, gaining confidence. “Believe it or not,” she said. “I’m telling you how it is.”

Sam reached out to her, encircling her shoulders with his arm. Remy leaned close to him. It was only when she felt the warmth of his body that she realized she was trembling. He rubbed his hand along her arm to help the trembling subside.

“Is this for real?” Jeremy asked, the lingering alcohol making him sound like a maladjusted teenager.

“I’m afraid so,” Sam said. “So I’m sure you’ll understand when I ask you to stay away from my woman.”

Jeremy’s eyes flashed, regret finally starting to sink in. But it was clear he still wasn’t convinced. Not completely. But there was something Remy could do. It was barely an effort for her. She knew it would convince Jeremy, and the way Sam was protecting her made it a labor of love. She angled her body toward Sam, placing a hand on his chest. He rested his own hand on top of hers and angled his eyes toward hers.

“I was surprised to see you waiting out here, Sam,” Remy said. “I thought you’d be waiting for me inside. You must have forgotten your key.”

“He has the key to your apartment?” Jeremy asked, his voice cracking.

“Left it at home,” Sam said. He leaned in for a kiss, and Remy lost herself. She looked up to see the moonlight reflecting in his eyes. Then she closed her own and melted into a current of warmth. It took her away. She was floating and warm and happy, Sam’s lips smooth and soft, drawing her away from herself.

She couldn’t say how long the kiss lasted. Maybe a minute. Maybe forever. But when she opened her eyes again, the spot where Jeremy had been moping about was nothing but a soft pool of moonlight wrapping her and Sam in its magical light.

And then she leaned in and kissed Sam once again.

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