Writer Wednesdays: Tracy Kauffman

Today I’d like to welcome Tracy Kauffman as my featured author for Writer Wednesdays!

Tell us about yourself.
I am a new author who writes stories for children and young adults.  I reside in North AL with my husband and daughter.  I work part time as a nurse in a nursing home.  I was inspired to write at a young age after winning editor in my school newspaper in elementary school.  I’ve wanted to be an author at a young age and started to write poetry and short stories until I published my first book with Tate Publishing.

Tell us about your book.
Southern Adventures is a coming of age/spiritual book about a woman recalling her life.  She questions her reason for living as her son leaves home.  As she looks through her photo album, she remembers her childhood as a mischievous girl who enjoyed her time playing outside.  Then, she remembers her life growing up as a teenager and dealing with things that teenagers go through, including dating and getting married.  She endures trials, good times in her journey through life.

What is your “day job”? 
I work as a registered nurse in a local nursing home.  I enjoy working with the elderly listening to their life stories.  The elderly are fun to listen to because they will tell you the truth and don’t hold anything back.

Are any elements of your book autobiographical or inspired by elements of your life?
Southern Adventures is inspired by my own life experiences.  I started to write this book when my son left home for the Air Force.  It gave me comfort after he left home.  I feel like nothing is harder in life than losing someone close to you.  That included your children leaving home.

Are you working on any other projects at the moment?
I have recently sent in a historical romance book to be published called Richard the Lionheart.  Another book that I am working on is about a woman from the north moving to the south and experiencing a whole different life.


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