Spot Writers: Water Haven II

This week’s post comes to us, for the second time in a row, from Cathy MacKenzie, who writes mainly short stories and poems. The theme for this month is “water.” Cathy hopes you enjoy part two of her story!

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 Water Haven II


Instead of last week’s yellow noodle, tonight’s colour is pink, but the theme is the same. I’m swimming alone in the pool—still fleshy, flabby and frumpy old. This time it’s evening and I’m shrouded in darkness. I’m crying huge tears, and, thanks to the night, I can’t even pretend my body has morphed into svelteness, because I can’t see anything but the moon’s dim light glancing across the ripples.

I wasn’t drunk that last time, but I am tonight. Terribly drunk. I recollect my story of the yellow noodle and think how ironic it is I remember the colour yellow and compare it to the pink noodle which now accompanies me.

My huge gulps of sobs and my irrational words resonate through the night. Sound travels fast and piercing across water, and my pool is no exception. Gentle quietness would pervade were it not for the sounds escaping from my mouth. I pray the neighbours are safely ensconced in their homes so they aren’t privy to my personal woes. My weeping is laden with pain. My stomach aches. My heart is tore in more pieces than the proverbial two.

Is this the night? Obviously since I still exist, someone rescued me from the previous pool depths. I survived that episode to write another tale.

But—no—tonight is not the end. I’ll survive for another day. Another sleep. Another wracking cry. I’m a survivor, after all. I’ll survive this, and anything else tossed my way.

I’ll survive till the next time.

And likely the next…


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