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While I planned to write Corgi Capers 3 over the summer, a fortunate influx of writing projects (Forging Freedom anthology and some other exciting forthcoming projects I’ve written or edited) has put me behind schedule. Looking at my upcoming schedule, it looks like I’ll be writing Corgi Capers 3 in December and January. That’s good news for readers!

My “Name that Cat!” contest has thus been extended into the winter.

I’m offering the chance for two readers to name a character in the next book in the series. To enter, take the quiz below, which is based on events in the Corgi Capers series. The two readers earning the highest score will win! In the case of a tie, I will conduct a random drawing of those with the highest score.

Winners will get to name and describe a character from the upcoming Corgi Capers 3. Each winner will also receive an autographed copy of the book when it is released.


Halloween-themed Corgi Capers 2, now just $2.99 for Kindle (also available in paperback)

Halloween-themed Corgi Capers 2, now just $2.99 for Kindle (also available in paperback)

The first character is a feline. One winner of this contest gets to describe and name the feline character in Corgi Capers 3. While we’re talking cats, check out this free short story about the corgis and their discovery of a neighborhood kitty!

The second character is Adam’s friend at the firehouse, where he volunteers. This can be a male or a female but should be close to Adam’s age (anywhere from 8 – 14 years old would be appropriate).

That’s right–two winners will get to choose the name and description of a feline or human character that will be featured in the upcoming Corgi Capers 3. Winners will receive an acknowledgement in the book as well as an autographed copy (for US addresses only; International winners will receive an electronic copy). The book is meant for children ages 7 – 12, so final approval of names and descriptions will rest with the author and publisher. (Names or descriptions that are incendiary, suggestive, or allude to people or characters of ill repute, or under copyright or other restrictions, or that are likely to create other problems, will be rejected, and winner may choose an alternate name and/or description). Contest is open to entrants 18 years of age and older. Children under 18 wanting to enter the contest must have a parent/guardian enter for them.

Use the link below to answer the 9-question quiz. If you’re stuck, you can find the answers in Corgi Capers (or likely by poking around!)

Ready to Name the Characters? Take the quiz here, and be sure to enter your email and character names in the last question! Good luck!

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