Spot Writers: The Magic Brew

Welcome to the Spot Writers. This week the prompt is “magic brew” in keeping with Halloween.  Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL, A LITTLE BIT OF BABY, and A BLANKET FOR HER HEART.  Next week’s story will be by Val Muller, author of FOR WHOM MY HEART BEATS ETERNAL, a sci-fi romance, and CORGI CAPERS: DECEIT ON DORSET DRIVE, a mystery novel for young readers.


The Magic Brew, Pure Columbian Coffee


“You’re late,” Hi said as she entered the jam-packed Hi-Way Diner.

“I’m sorry Hi, my truck wouldn’t start,” Kathy said breathlessly as she peeled out of her jacket. “I need a cup of java.”

Hi Morasky grinned. “Make it quick. We got a full house today.”

She glanced around the diner. She’d never seen it so crowded.

Hi shoved a cup of coffee at her. “Here you go, drink up.”

“It’s black. I take cream and sugar.”

“It’s weird. Try it.”

She sipped carefully, expecting hot bitter coffee. A frown crossed her face as she stared at Hi. “It tastes like it has cream and sugar in it.”

He nodded. “Wild ain’t it? Add milk, it stays black. Everybody gets exactly what they like, it don’t matter what you put in it.”

Kathy sipped again. “What kind of coffee is this? Where did you get it?”

“That’s wild too. It’s called “Magic Brew.” A little old lady brought it in this morning and asked me to brew it up. You know me, I don’t trust strangers. Like I’m gonna serve some cuckoo bird’s special brew? But, you know, I couldn’t say no and I dumped it in the brewer. The rest is just nuts.”

“What rest? What are you talking about?”

“Miss Hargitay? She had a cup. Not five minutes later she got a call. They found a kidney donor for her. She took off for the hospital right off.”

Kathy frowned. “That’s a coincidence if you ask me.”

“Yeah? Well, I drank a cup. Five minutes later the crowd started pouring in. You’ve been missing out on tips. Lulu’s been getting twenty and fifty dollar tips all morning.” He put up a hand to silence her. “Right after she drank a cup.”

“You really think this is a magic brew?”

Hi shrugged. “Weird stuff’s been happening.”

Kathy downed the rest of her coffee and grinned. “Then something should happen to me now.”

Hi stared out the window, a frown crossing his brow. His eyes grew wide. “I think it is.”

Kathy turned. Wisps of smoke swirled around her battered old truck in the parking lot. Its once green body, long ago faded into rust, glowed with an eerie light. The smoke thickened, the truck disappeared. For an instant Kathy thought it was on fire. A burst of brilliant light cleared away the smoke. Rusty green was gone, replaced by a shiny new F-150. “Holy crap.”

“Told ya,” Hi said. “It’s a magic brew.”


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