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Today, I’m happy to feature guest author Renee Swann on my blog. After checking out her post, be sure to stop by her website to say hi:


My family says I’ve always had a way with words. And I suppose that’s true. They seem to flow fluently from my mind to paper (or computer). I’ve been writing little stories since I could write. It has always been a kind of release to me, a way to get any angst or troubles out.


I have a folder with a handful of (very roughly) finished or half-finished novels. Maybe I’ll go back and finish them one day, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. Those rough drafts got me through the hard times and they’ll be with me for ever. What does matter, is that I keep going (Who am I kidding? As if I could give it up!), because for every goal I smash through, I get a little bit closer to my dreams. Every piece of fiction I pen holds the possibility to change someone’s life for the better — which is what any writer can hope for.


And there’s one novel that changed mine.


Two years ago, on a caffeine and sugar high, a character popped into my head. She was twitching with her own sugar and caffeine overdose and I instantly loved her. As a cupcake baker, Veronica Hart’s main concerns were if she’d made enough cupcakes for the day and keeping up with the horde of customers. Until two people return from her past — one determined to shake things up, the other begging for forgiveness. Both are wanting to win back her heart. And her world is about to be turned upside down.


I wrote The Truth about Love (aforementioned book) in six weeks, while being mentored by a very talented author: Anne Harth. Her faith in me and enthusiasm for my writing kept me going. I have learnt so much since then and continue to do so.


My Never (My Never #1)In early 2013, I wrote a 5,000 word short story for a competition (Love on the Road). It didn’t win but I lengthened it to a novella and in August, it became my first published book, My Never. It’s about two high school sweethearts who reunite after twelve years, by pure chance. Or was it fate? Moni and Troy have spent years trying to get back together, to make it work, but it just wasn’t. Then on a vacation to Cairns, Queensland, while celebrating her thirtieth, Moni bumps into Troy. So much has changed in their lives, but they may finally be ready to recommit. Moni must make a decision — return to her home town and stale life or follow her heart and stay in Cairns?


Since My Never, I have been working on several other books, including the sequel The Worry List (which is out on March 25th), getting The Truth about Love polished (available October 2014) and The Hunted (which you can read for free here until June) and its sequel The Forsaken. You can read more about all of my forthcoming books and some excerpts on my website.



Renée lives in Sydney, Australia with a crazy pooch called Abbey and a boisterous, somersaulting rescue budgie named Kaleb. Her life was changed for ever when she was struck with an idea of an over-caffeinated ninja cupcake baker who falls in love with her rival. She immediately began writing and hasn’t stopped since. Besides writing, Renée is passionate about animal rights and cupcakes. In her spare time, she likes to read, paint, watch crime shows, and write articles for Squidoo. Renée is an author of adult fiction (writes as Renée Swann) and soon-to-be young adult author (as C.J Hart). Her books are available on Amazon, Kobo and Angus and Robertson.


The Worry List (My Never #2)Connect with Renée:







Read an excerpt of My Never here.


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