Each Day a Haiku

Like most writers, my mind wanders often.

And by often, I mean: All. The. Time.

Driving to work, my mind often wanders. Driving the same route, a courteous part of my brain often takes over, and my creative brain is left to think about things. I bought a chunky little notebook to jot down ideas I have during these moments, and I found myself falling into the habit of writing haikus. They started out mostly about the dreaded yellow school buses I would have to wait for each morning. I kept telling myself I should write and post one haiku each day, but I kept thinking I should wait for some kind of grand start–like January 1, or maybe the start of the school year in September, or maybe my birthday. But today I decided: one day is just as good as any to start.

So here it is, my new blog where I’ll be posting one haiku each day, some with pictures and some without. I’m curious about whether, collectively, these haikus will tell a story. I wonder how people who don’t know me personally will piece together each haiku, find trends. The novelist in me wonders if a story will emerge.

Anyhow, if you are interested, here is the link: http://eachdayahaiku.wordpress.com/. If you choose to subscribe, I think you can do so in daily or weekly format, so you could opt to receive an email each Monday with 7 haikus in it from the week before. Hope you enjoy your daily 5-7-5!


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