Fantastic Friday: Three Impossible Things

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice says, “sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

I’m reading another book, The Martian, about a man who is left stranded on Mars and struggles to survive.

Come to think of it, many books I enjoy are about people overcoming impossible things—or trying to, anyway. I love that about literature—the way it captures the best parts of the human spirit. That drive to survive, and then some.

So for today’s Fantastic Friday post, I wanted to share three “impossible things” I’ve read about recently, all true, one about the medical field, one about human behavior, and one about weather:

  1. Scientists are currently experimenting with an ancient Anglo-Saxon recipe (consisting of easy-to-find ingredients) that has been having success countering deadly MRSA. You can read the details here. Amazing that so many years and innovations later, we aren’t even sure why this combination of ingredients is so effective!
  2. It’s easy to let rudeness and disrespect get you down, but in case you missed it, here’s the viral story of a mother who took measures to rectify her daughters’ rude behavior at a movie theater. After learning (from her son) that her daughters were rude to another movie patron, the woman posted an apology on Facebook, asking for the woman who was wronged to come forward so that her daughters could apologize and pay for her to enjoy another (undisrupted) night at the movies. After the post went viral, the two women connected, and the story has a happy ending. Three cheers for great parenting!
  3. I came across these pictures of amazing “wave clouds,” otherwise known as undulatus asperatus clouds, captured on film from South Carolina and Georgia earlier this week.  The amazing view us a reason not to grumble about cloudy weather!

Remember that even when it’s easy to get bogged down by negative people and circumstances in life, there are always amazing things around you if you just look closely enough.

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