Fantastic Friday: Chopped

Every 2 years or so, I grow my hair halfway down my back, and then at the end of the school year I chop it off and donate it. Here’s a picture of me on the last day of school, right before the haircut:


And here’s what was chopped:

20150618_160346And the result:


At Luray Caverns

At Luray Caverns

Just before I donated my hair, it must have been on my radar. I came upon several examples of people donating their hair, such as this story about a boy who grew his hair for two years just to be able to donate it.

At the salon, my stylist told me I was the third person to come in that day to donate—the first was a girl, and the second was her father. He had long hair, and when he heard his daughter was donating, he decided he would, too.

It’s a win-win situation: a non-invasive donation that brightens the lives of those affected by cancer and other ailments, and a clean cut. It’s good to hear there are so many generous hearts out there.

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