Writer Wednesdays: Dangerous Decisions

Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, a regular contributor to the Spot Writers (the group bringing you a new flash fiction piece every Thursday). He is the author of the new book, DANGEROUS DECISIONS, which was just released.

I briefly thought to call this book “Shiners” because of things that happen to the hero, but I dropped that idea in favor of DANGEROUS DECISIONS, wisely I hope.

Dangerous DecisionsMegan’s live in boyfriend isn’t in very much these days. She’s torn between trying to get the thrill back in their lives or taking after the perfect stranger her daughter invited to live with them. Temptation rears his handsome head, but what will happen if she leaves her on again, off again boyfriend for— the dogcatcher? Not quite- he has a few secrets up his sleeve. The boyfriend has a couple too.

Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy.

Megan left them in the bathroom and went around straightening the house a bit then dumped a load into the washer and decided to start dinner. Occasional snatches of conversation reached her from the bathroom as Jordan and Wade carried on their endless chitchat.

The man was very patient for darn sure. Why did he hang around them so much? Because of Jordan? Was he some kind of pervert who had fixed on her daughter? She shivered at the thought. He couldn’t be interested in her. Could he? A thrill ran up her back. Stop it Megan Weston, you’re a mother and in a committed relationship. She stopped abruptly in the midst of slicing carrots.

The sounds from the bathroom had ceased and Megan strained to hear Jordan’s voice or Wade’s, or the sounds of tools being used. Not a single bit of noise reached her ears.

He liked Jordan? Too much? Oh God! What was he doing in there?

She charged down the hall and threw open the bathroom door. Almost. The door flew open just a little bit before something very solid brought it to a halt. A loud thud was followed by a clatter as something metallic crashed to the tile floor.

“Owww! What the devil?” Wade yelled.

Megan cringed. Oh dear, what had she done?

She stuck her head through the partially open door and grimaced. Wade lay on the floor behind the door, a hand over his right eye, blood streaming down his nose. Across the room Jordan tried to restrain an agitated Betsy, who gave voice to her upset with loud barking. Jordan stared at Megan, a look of utter consternation on her face.

“You don’t believe in knocking, I gather,” Wade growled as he staggered to his feet and turned to face Megan.

Blood streamed from a gash at the bridge of his nose and he still held that hand to his eye. Jordan was absolutely fine. She’d half-killed Wade for nothing.

“I’m so sorry. Are you all right?”

“I’m not entirely sure. Let me get out of your way. Jordan, come on. Your Mommy has to use the bathroom.” He started to step around Megan, his hand still plastered against his eye.

“Oh, no that’s all right. Let me get something for that cut.”

He frowned then winced. “You don’t need to use the bathroom? I thought you were in a hurry.”

Heat rose to her face. How to explain she’d thought he was a pervert? She needed an excuse, another reason for braining him with the doorknob. Oh well, she could take the one he’d given her.

“Oh yes. I’m just upset. I have to pee.” Oh crap, why don’t you stick your foot in your mouth Megan? Nobody said you had to be so specific.

Dangerous Decisions by RC Bonitz


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