Fantastic Friday: Nature’s Halloween

Hiking in Harper’s Ferry on a beautiful autumn day, we stopped at a bridge along the canal and were surprised to find something that didn’t quite look natural.


It looked almost like a Halloween decoration.

Not knowing what it was, I jokingly called it a “candy corn” spider because of its Halloween colors and–well:

20151015_062151-1It looks kind of like candy corn! A bulbous yellow back, an orange body, and white extremities.

A little research at home suggests that it’s perhaps the Marbled Orb Weaver (or some type of orb weaver), which might not sound as cool as a “candy corn spider,” but it’s still pretty interesting. It was suggested they can even take on Halloween colors right around Halloween.

IMG_7238Nature never ceases to amaze me, and it seems that no matter what we humans try to do, nature constantly takes the upper hand. I understand why so many poets and Transcendentalists found such peace in the outdoors; and although I dread the coming winter, I love the beautiful fall weather that allows so much time in the fresh air.

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