Fantastic Friday: Early Jedi Training

Since early on in this pregnancy, Yoda has seemed highly aware that something different is happening. Whether it was “protecting” me from his sister or my husband, or following me around the house, or guarding the hallway while I shower, he has seemed to adopt a need to protect.

(Not Leia—she has been jumping on me, bounding on my stomach as if nothing has changed).

One of Yoda’s favorite hobbies over the past months has been resting his head on my belly. The “Kid” seems to be aware of his presence, kicking right under Yoda’s chin. And when Yoda moves his chin, the Kid moves her kicks to match.

Yoda feeling the kicks.

Yoda feeling the kicks.

And when Yoda does rest his head on my stomach, he seems to do so deliberately, nosing me and making eye contact as if letting me know he’s about to do it—different from his usual curl-up-next-to-me behavior (which he usually does uninvited).

It’s strange, perplexing, and amazing that this occurs. It’s as if Dog and Kid have some kind of weird prenatal communication that I am not privy to.

The thing is, the Kid ignores our other dog, me, and my husband. If it’s not Yoda, she’ll kick when she wants to. But with Yoda, she seems to wake up and “play.”

Leia copying her brother--but the Kid doesn't want to play with her!

Leia copying her brother–but the Kid doesn’t want to play with her!

With the Kid’s arrival approaching, maybe Yoda can tell her not to show up during a snow storm!

Happy Friday, everyone!


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