Flash Fiction: How Could He Do a Thing Like That? by RC Bonitz

Welcome to the Spot Writers. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of DANGEROUS DECISIONS, which was released in September. The prompt for this month is “how could he do a thing like that?”.


by RC Bonitz

I met her six months ago today. Mark, our Clinical Director, introduced her at the regular Tuesday morning Clinical Dept. meeting, one more social worker joining our ranks. Except she was not the typical social worker. Vera Bingham, the most striking woman I had ever seen, late twenties I guessed, flowing light auburn hair that looked like it had been permanently sun-bleached, a perfect figure, and eyes that glowed with life. She knocked my socks off.

He showed up three days later to fill our last vacant social worker position. I made the mistake of calling him Bill and got a curt, “The name is William,” for my trouble. William Rankin looked to be in his late twenties too, was about five foot eight, prematurely balding and generally non-descript. His claim to fame was that he was working on his doctorate. I was not impressed.

Vera was. As soon as we met I tried to make friends with her. I managed to join her for lunch in the café once and bought her coffee twice, but that lasted all of the three days before Mr. William showed up. The next time I tried to join her for coffee he got there before me. Join her for lunch, he was there. Sit next to her at a clinical meeting, he was there. I began to suspect they were checking with each other before leaving their offices. You know, like, “Want to go for coffee? See you in the café.”

I caught the clues. Weak chin and all, he was numero uno. I capitulated without a murmur of dissent. Can’t fight city hall as they say.

Things chugged right along, getting warmer all the time. Soon they were holding hands at clinical meetings. When he caught some flak for a technique he followed in treating an abused child, only Vera defended him.

The open question everybody on staff discussed ad infinitum was, when would they announce their engagement. Sleeping together we figured was a fait accompli.

Walking down the hall about ten fifteen this morning I met Vera coming out of Bill, er, pardon me, William’s office. Tears streamed down her face and she brushed past me in a rush, shrugging off my brief attempt to stop her.

My medieval knighthood gallantry came to the fore and I barged into William’s office.

“What was that about? What did you do to her?” I demanded.

“Nothing,” he replied, offering me a look of total innocence.

“Come off it. You did something.”

“She’s upset ’cause I told her I don’t want to get married.”

“You broke it off you mean,” I snapped.

He nodded. “She has too much hair on her arms.”


“She has hairy arms. I can’t have that in my woman.”

I stared at him. He broke off a serious relationship because Vera had hair on her arms? How could he do a thing like that? I stared at him for a second, then turned and left his office. I’d have to add that to my “Not For Me” no dating list. No sense getting too involved with a doomed relationship.

DANGEROUS DECISIONS is available now. I hope you enjoy it. RC Bonitz


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