Flash Fiction: Just Breathe by RC Bonitz

Welcome to the Spot Writers. Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of DANGEROUS DECISIONS, which was released in September. The prompt for this month is “Just breathe and count to ten.”.


by RC Bonitz

The door at Shea Security Services stood ajar when Meg O’Hara arrived for work. She eased it open a smidge and gasped at the chaos inside. Files, her office chair, pictures from the walls, even the artificial flowers from her desk, everything lay scattered on the floor.

“Just breathe and count to ten,” she said aloud and took a step into the office. “Anybody here?” she called and stood with a hand on the door, ready to flee if she heard the slightest flicker of a response. Not a whisper of a sound reached her ears.

Mike Shea’s office door was open too. She peeked inside and almost fainted. Mike lay face down on his desk, unmoving. Retreating to her desk, she dialed 911.

Hours later, as she made dinner in her apartment she reviewed the events of the day in her mind. Police had swarmed over the office, asked her eight zillion questions, most of which she couldn’t answer. They’d taken fingerprints everywhere, and basically left her in a state of mind as chaotic as the office was. Somebody had killed Mike and torn the office apart looking for something. That much was obvious. But, had they found whatever it was they’d been looking for?

Meg poured herself a glass of wine and shivered at the thought that stole into her head. What if they hadn’t found it? What would they do next?

The doorbell rang. She made sure the safety chain was on and peered through the peep hole. Somebody in a suit and tie. Probably a cop with more questions?

“Who is it?” she called.

“Police. Detctive Hanson.”

“Just a minute.”

She removed the chain. Unlocked the door and opened it cautiously. Meg saw only one thing. The barrel of the gun pointing at her.


DANGEROUS DECISIONS is available now. I hope you enjoy it. RC Bonitz

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