Writer Wednesday with Christy Diachenko

This week, I had a chance to interview Christy Diachenko. Her newest book, Nolle Prosequi, has just been released, and it looks like she’s woven in personal experience, fiction, and faith to create her tale. As I learned in the interview, she hopes to entertain while also helping others through the lessons she’s learned in life.

Tell us about yourself:

13702492_10154462856941004_1706737489_oI am Christy R. Diachenko. I’ve been an avid reader since I learned my ABCs. I’m currently a full-time Administrative Coordinator for the County of Greenville in South Carolina. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio and Television and worked in radio for nearly a decade. Later, I wrote radio advertising copy on a freelance basis for several years. In addition to writing, I’m a voice over artist and have narrated and produced numerous projects, including three published audiobooks. I’m also a fine arts photographer, and I love capturing God’s amazing creation on my memory cards. I love animals and always weave them into my stories – they are a vital part of my life! My first novel, Broken Promise, was published by Dancing With Bear Publishing in 2014.

Tell us about your most recent book.

13699377_10154462855376004_1065029922_oThe title is Nolle Prosequi. No one would ever suspect. Lizzy Godfrey is strong, confident and a survivor—or is she? When she meets handsome, favored politician Tucker Bates, she feels a stirring in her heart she never expected to experience again. But when their possible romance fizzles before it starts, Lizzy tumbles into a world of self-doubt. Then a brutal murder forces her to face feelings she thought were dead and buried. Can Lizzy’s brokenness be turned into something beautiful? Can she continue to forgive? Will she ever truly understand that God values her as a precious daughter?

What is your “day job”?

I’m the manager of the Criminal Records Division of the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Who is your favorite character in your book, and why?

Tucker – because he allows his life to be led by God and did not give up on Lizzy, even when he did not know what the future would hold or if she would ever learn to trust again.

Are any elements of your book autobiographical or inspired by elements of your life?

Yes – too many to list here! Suffice to say, many of Lizzy’s struggles have been my own. It is my hope that Nolle Prosequi, while being an engaging story, will also warn women of the dangers of abusive relationships. I also hope the story will encourage abuse survivors that there really can still be abundant life in Christ, even after enduring the unthinkable.

What’s your favorite scene or location in Nolle Prosequi?

The ski trip on Whitby Mountain. I went on a day ski trip when I was in high school and always thought staying nearby and getting to play in the snow for a week would be so much fun 🙂

What book or author has been most inspirational for you, and why?

Karen Kingsbury. I feel like her characters are real people out there who I just haven’t met yet. They struggle with their faith, their circumstances, and their relationships just like I do. And Karen always points her readers to God.

If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what non-survival item would you bring along that you couldn’t live without?

Perlier Hand Lotion! One of the shea butter varities 🙂

If you’re not already a fan, you can find Christy all over the Internet:







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