Book Review: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

I purchased this book when I heard Garcia speak at a writers conference. The book is meant for young adult readers. The story follows a 17-year old named Kennedy. After her father abandoned her, Kennedy is left with just her mother and cat. But a gruesome start to the book leaves Kennedy without anyone, and before long she is approached by four others who form a Legion, a group formed long ago. In its past, the group summoned a demon, and now the job of each descendant is to keep the fight against the demon going. Each member of the Legion has been trained for his or her job by a former member (and relative)—except for Kennedy, who knows nothing about it.

Each group brings a particular talent to the group in their fight against demons. Kennedy has a photographic memory and learns to draw symbols that help bind the demons and spirits they encounter. And, of course, there is a love interest.

I liked the plot of the novel. Most chapters were completely action-packed, and there was hardly any downtime for the group. That said, at times the plot was formulaic—like watching episodes of ghost hunters on steroids—and the constant action left me yearning for a bit more character development. There were flashbacks that offered a little insight into Kennedy’s life, but I wanted more—and to know more about all the characters. There is a second book in the series, which make sense since it ends on a cliffhanger.

I would recommend this book as a high-interest book to young readers, especially those who want more of a plot-centered book. I could see myself devouring this book as a younger reader. As a grown-up, I craved just a bit more. That said, aside from some violence/creepiness involving ghosts, it was a relatively clean read listed as appropriate for grades 8 and up, so I would recommend it to my daughter when she gets old enough!

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