Flash Fiction: Life’s but a moment in time by Chiara De Giorgi

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This month’s prompt is to write a story that involves a snow globe. The snow globe can contain anything and doesn’t necessarily have to do with or take place around Christmas.

This week’s story comes from Chiara De Giorgi. Chiara dreams, reads, edits texts, translates, and occasionally writes in two languages. She also has a lot of fun.


Life’s but a moment in time

by Chiara De Giorgi


It was a couple of days after Christmas.

I was in Milan, going to meet one of my middle school girlfriends and exchange best wishes and small presents. Our meeting point was in the city center, in a square not far from the Cathedral. I arrived a few minutes earlier than agreed, so I stopped in front of a shop window all lit up in blinking gold and white. I was surrounded by beautiful historical buildings; lifting my eyes I could see Christmas lights cascading from the dark late afternoon sky, hovering over the narrow cobbled streets departing from the square. A sweet smell of hot chocolate, powdered sugar and roasted almonds filled the air. Passers-by walked in every direction, relaxed for once, just strolling lazily, chatting and laughing with one another, showing off their new woolen hats, winter jackets, boots and gloves. A gypsy woman, wearing a richly colored gown, was singing Can’t help falling in love, by Elvis Presley. Her voice was warm and strong, then sweet and husky. Suddenly, it started to snow. The white flakes descended slowly, elegantly twirling from above, leaving silvery dots on people’s heads and coats.

As I stood there, waiting and taking all in, it felt as if I were inside a snow globe, being watched from outside by another me. What could she see from out there? I wanted to be the other me, the bigger me, able to see all of my world, and not only that little picture of gypsy songs, Christmas lights and snowflakes. And yet, that was my whole world right then. It was my life. It was just a moment, it was all.

I looked up, imagining someone else doing the same somewhere else, in their own snow globe, from their own world and life. Somehow, we’d be connected forever. That single moment was bringing us together, nearer than we’d ever be again, maybe.


I wish I could meet you all, people with whom I’ve shared these moments. We could look into each other’s eyes, smile and simply ask, Do you remember? We’ve shared a moment, we’ve shared a life.

Sense you next time.


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