Fantastic Friday: Pavlovian Lullaby

Today’s Fantastic Friday post is short and sweet. When we were transferring my son from his bassinet-style cradle to a regular crib, there were some rough patches as he learned to self-soothe. We found this video on YouTube:

I had tried several different ones, and this one popped up in a search. I put it on my phone, and before I knew it, I had awoken several hours later (the video is 8 hours long), with both of us asleep.

Now, every time he wakes up fussy, we use this song as a cue to go back to sleep. And it works like magic. A minor point, true, but to a sleep-deprived parent, it means a lot.

It’s a celebration of the interconnectedness of humans. Someone created this video, not knowing who might benefit from it. But reading the comments, many people have.

It’s a good reminder to us. Our actions reach others, even if unknown to us—for better or for worse. I hope each day, it’s for better.

Comment below to win! I will give a free ebook of The Girl Who Flew Away to a random commenter. Tell me: what tricks help soothe your kids, or what do you do to relax?


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