Storytelling for Kids

I’m excited to be teaching an online class next month called Storytelling for Kids. The class runs June 3-28, 2019, and you can sign up at

In this four-week course, students will examine techniques for writing stories for middle grade and young adult. In addition to feedback received on weekly activities, students will receive editing on 2 chapters of a work-in-progress, as part of the course enrollment. The course will include a combination of handouts and videos, as well as instructor feedback.

CORGICAPERS1_VMULLER_FINALWeek 1: Point of View and Perspective
We’ll analyze sample chapters from middle grade/young adult works to see what “makes them tick.” Then, we’ll tackle writing a chapter or scene of our own.

Week 2: Keep Up With the Times
This week will include activities and resources for staying up-to-date with current language trends/slang/technology use in an effort to keep writing fresh and relevant, yet still able to stand the test of time.

Week 3: Coming of Age
We’ll take a brief look at Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and the way the “one story” contained in all stories can be applied to middle grade and young adult, especially in terms of coming-of-age tales and coming-of-age moments. This will include an examination of the role of adults and “adultly” advice in MG/YA works.

Week 4: The Seasoning
It’s not just “show, don’t tell.” The goal is for the reader to live the story along with the characters. This week, we’ll examine the use of techniques such as imagery, figurative language, and setting to develop plot and character and help the reader better experience the story.

As a teacher and writer, one of my favorite things to do is help writers learn to improve their craft, putting heart and emotion into their work and making their language more efficient in providing joy to the reader. All students will receive a critique of several chapters of a work-in-progress as part of the course enrollment fee. Questions? Contact me. I hope to see you online!

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