Fantastic Friday: A Chill in the airwaves, or the Internet

20181031_215342It is no secret that I love Halloween. I am just as happy as my three-year-old to be headed from one pumpkin festival to another.

As a teacher, I am always looking for read-aloud resources for those days when I have no voice (three-year-olds are good at attracting bugs) and to generally engage young writers.

I have been happy to find several free resources related to Halloween, and what better time to share than a Fantastic Friday in October?

David Tennant reads creepy stories, from Edith Wharton to Guy de Maupassant. Enjoy these vampire tales.

Neil Gaiman reads his original story “Click Clack the Rattlebag.” By candlelight. You’re welcome 🙂

Christopher Lee reads “The Raven.” Squee! Or “The Black Cat.” Or “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

And this is just a start. A Google or YouTube search will show many more resources, including works for children such as “Not that Scary.” Happy reading!

Have you found any to add? Share them in the comments!

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