Fantastic Friday: Stop and Smell the…

Sometimes, on a crazy morning, I look at my two kids and my two corgis and try to remember what life was like without them. Like, when I could actually consider things like what I wanted for breakfast or what I wanted to read while I consumed said leisurely breakfast.

It’s no good– that life is too far gone. Sometimes, it’s easy for my new, busy life to become overwhelming.

But it’s usually the corgis and the kids who snap me out of it.

In this case, it was my daughter. We were driving to school / work, and I was stuck in the routine of the commute, staring straight ahead to keep the car on the very narrow road. That’s when my daughter let out and excited shriek and asked what that red thing was. I looked over and saw the most amazing sunrise peeking over the horizon.

It was breathtaking, and I was barely fast enough to capture a picture of it, which you will find below. I am also reminded about the paradox of sunrises where I live.

I live in a mountainous area with a lot of trees. And anyone who knows me knows that I adore summer and warm. It makes my soul sad when the wind blows through leafless trees, because it reminds me of what I miss. Leaves, grass, green, warmth. But ironically, it is the missing leaves during the winter months that allow for the very best view of the sunrises, which are usually hidden behind the tree line.

I’m pretty sure there’s a metaphor in there. But for today, simply enjoy the view.

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