Poetry: 4 a.m. by Val Muller

Welcome to the Spot Writers. This week’s prompt is to write something using the words “light, new, blue, love, peace.” This week’s poem comes to us from Val Muller, who was so distracted by end-of-semester grading and a laptop malfunction that she forgot yesterday was Thursday. Please excuse the lateness. You can check out her kidlit mystery series Corgi Capers at www.corgicapers.com.


4 a.m.

by Val Muller

Something is awake.

Light goes on.


Fumble for glasses.

A troubled child, clanking two toy trucks.

“Bad dream,” he mumbles.

Dreams are new to him.

They have happened twice this week.

He whimpers, “Scary.”

“What did you dream?” I ask,

Peering into his teary blue eyes.

“Monster truck. Crush me.”

The tears start again.

We all feel that way these days, I want to say,

Crushed, scared;

But instead I cuddle him in a lie,

A dinosaur blanket—peace, love, warmth—saying,

“You are safe.”


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