Spot Writers Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of Remy’s story is by RC Bonitz, author of A Little Bit of Blackmail and the soon to be released sequel, A Little Bit of Baby. Jessie and Ike have troubles of their own! Look for it on Amazon and B&N November 8!

Next week’s chapter will come from Val Muller, author of the Corgi Capers, Deceit on Dorset Drive and newly-released, Halloween-themed Corgi Capers: The Sorceress of Stoney Brook, a mystery series for young detectives, as well as the sci-fi-time-travel-romance For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal.

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Chapter 19

Jeremy scratched his ear in silence for a moment. “I don’t know,” he finally muttered, “I guess I’ll have to talk to her again.”

“That didn’t work very well before,” Remy said.

He turned and stared at her. “What do you think I should do?”

What did she think? This was her problem? “I have no idea. No, wait- you could get a restraining order, I suppose.”

Jeremy brightened. “Hey, that’s good, right, I will.”

“You really ought to spell things out to her too. Very clearly.”

“I tried that. I told you.”

Somehow Remy wondered just how specific and emphatic he had been. “What did you tell her?”

“Well, I dunno. I don’t remember exactly.” He grinned. “I’ll tell her you’re my girlfriend now. That’ll show her how things are.”

Remy held her tongue. This was not going very well. First he asked her what to do, and now he wanted to involve her in a dispute with a woman who might be unbalanced?  Not good at all. Alright, she had to take a minute, had think before she told him off or said okay. What did she want to do? Was he a guy she wanted in her life? “Don’t involve me with Barbara. I don’t want her camping on my doorstep.”

“Oh yeah, she might do that I guess,” Jeremy said quickly.

Remy frowned. “She’s your problem, Jeremy, not mine. I don’t want any part of a love triangle. When you’ve settled everything with her we can talk, okay?”

Jeremy blinked. “Hey, that’s not fair. I told you, she means nothing to me. Why won’t you give me a chance?”

Remy sighed. Why was she being so stubborn with him? Not stubborn maybe, defensive? He was the stiff-necked one in a way, pushing like he did. “Jeremy, I just met you. I don’t owe you anything and you haven’t won my trust. Fair has nothing to do with it.”

He studied her face, then smiled. “Damn, you’re pretty when you’re mad.” She started to protest, but he raised his hand. “I know, not mad, just upset. And anyway, you’re pretty all the time.”

“Is that a new tactic- compliments?” she drawled sardonically.

He laughed softly. “Maybe it is, I guess so. Look, all I know is- you make me crazy. I think about you all the time. I see your face in my sleep. I’m not going to let Barbara stand between us. I’ll get that court order.”


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