Spot Writers Chapter 26

Chapter 26 of the continuing saga of Remy comes to us from Deborah Dera. Deborah traditionally ghostwrites articles and stories but is in the process of finishing up her first eBook to be released on the Kindle platform later this year. Keep your eyes peeled!

Next week’s chapter will come from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL , A BLANKET FOR HER HEART, and the recently-released A LITTLE BIT OF BABY.

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Chapter 26

Sam Kendrick regarded Remy carefully, surprised by what seemed like a sudden change of attitude towards him. Remy thought she saw the sides of his mouth turn up a bit, but if he was happy to hear her ask him to get a drink, he was doing his best to hide his change in mood.

“Are you in trouble? Are you getting strange phone calls again?” Dr. Kendrick couldn’t keep the concern from his voice.

“No, no. It’s not that. Not recently, anyway. I – I’d just really like to talk.” Remy finished confidently and waited for Dr. Sam to reply.

“Of course. Sure. That sounds great.” Sam assessed Remy as though he wasn’t sure what he was hearing was real. “I have a short phone meeting I have to hop on after the last patient leaves. Why don’t we meet by that bar near your place around six. Would that be alright?”

Remy nodded and was relieved when Sam broke out into a grin before turning out of the break room. Remy let out a sigh of nervous relief.

Turning back to her phone, still open on the table in front of her, Remy felt her stomach flip a bit. As overwhelmed as she had been feeling like two men were fighting over her, she felt a bit better knowing that the cloud of confusion she was feeling was lifting slightly. Maybe she could give Sam a chance. Even if things didn’t work out, she didn’t feel as though they’d be starting off with a fake relationship based on some ulterior motive.

She reread the last two texts:

I need you to come here and pretend to be my fiancé. Barbara needs to see a ring.

            I need to know if you’re coming, the final unread text said, and what size ring.

Deleting the entire inbox, she decided to continue ignoring the texts. She hoped Sam would hear her out as she explained the story from the beginning. Surely he’d understand why she’d been so confused about the situation. Maybe he’d even have an idea.

Remy glanced up at the clock and hurried to gather up her belongings. She was glad Irene had spoken to her so openly and she wanted to stay on good terms with the woman who she’d obviously had another misunderstanding with.

As she rounded the corner into the main office, Irene looked up at Remy and gave her a knowing smile. “I hear you came to your senses, eh?”

Remy blanched a bit, embarrassed. “Word sure travels fast, doesn’t it?”

“Are you kidding? You should have seen that guy fly out of her to get his lunch. He’s walking on air, and you only asked him for a drink. I told you, Remy – he really does care about you. It’s so obvious. It’s obvious you like him, too?”

“What?! Come on, Irene…”

Irene chuckled. “You don’t look nearly as distraught as you looked earlier, either.”

The doorbell chimed as the first patient for the afternoon walked in. Remy smiled, counting the hours until they’d be done for the day.


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