Spot Writers: Chapter 33 (the final chapter)

This week’s post comes to us from RC Bonitz, author of A Little Bit of Blackmail, and its sequel, A Little Bit of Baby. Look for them at Amazon, B&N, Silver Publishing, or Goodreads.

Today we bring you the last chapter of Remy’s story. The Spot Writers intend to choose a tale to follow it, so we thought we’d run a contest. If you have plot ideas or themes you’d like to offer, please contact one of us through our blogs listed below. If we choose your idea you’ll get your choice of one of our books free.


Chapter 33

“Oh,” Remy murmured. It was the strangest thing- his “idea” was no surprise, given the expression on his face and her present homeless dilemma, but now that he’d effectively asked her to move in her stomach churned with uncertainty and nerves. How could she move in with a guy she barely knew? Her mother would be horrified.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“You want me to live with you?”

“That’s my thought.” He grinned. “I’ll need a nursemaid for a while with this leg.”

Remy frowned. “You want a nurse?” Bummer, what a letdown that was.  But, her stomach eased and she could breathe again. Funny, that. The last two days, while he’d been in the hospital, she couldn’t stay away from him. She’d visited when she could, and worried about his recovery, and acted like a schoolgirl when he teased her. He’d been so brave, so sweet and charming. And here she was, afraid to live with him. Was she commitment phobic or just a coward?

He stood up straight and grimaced as pain apparently pierced his leg. “I need to get used to this crutch.” She reached out to steady him and he seized her hand, his eyes dead serious. “I was kidding about the nurse bit. It’s you I want, Remy.”

She sighed. This was not the way she’d pictured marriage proposals being offered to her. Not that he was proposing. Or was he? “You’re as bad as Jeremy! We hardly know each other and you want me to move in with you?”

He looked shocked. And hurt. “We’ve worked side by side for months. I see you every day.”

“That’s not like loving someone. You’re my boss,” she exclaimed. Her stomach seized up in one giant knot. He wanted a commitment from her. Could she love him the way he cared for her? He was adorable, but oh my gosh.

He groaned. “I love you Remy. I thought we had something going here.”

He’d said the magic word. Others had before him, but only when they tried to seduce her. Was he doing that? No, he meant it, she was sure. “Sam, that’s wonderful, I thank you, but we’ve only had the one date. I can’t become your live in mistress based on that.” Oh, darn, she was making such a mess of this.

He smiled, but his eyes were serious. “Okay, here you go. You like me, I can tell. Sometimes when we’re working, I catch you smiling at me when you think I’m not looking.” He put up a hand to cut her off. “Don’t deny it, I know what I saw. One thing I’ve learned about you- you can be rock stubborn sometimes. Like now. Okay, you win. Forget the whole idea. Find a new apartment for yourself.”

Remy’s insides turned to mush. He was backing away? That wasn’t what she wanted. “I just meant—”

“Never mind. You’ve made yourself perfectly clear.”

“I have not!” she cried. “I simply meant I need more time. We should date a little bit. Get to know each other better. Things like—”

He grinned like a schoolboy. “Tonight?”

“What?” she said breathlessly.

“How about a date?”

She nodded. A date would be good. He was laughing? What was he up to?

“I know where there’s an apartment available. It has two bedrooms and a den that’s never used. The rent is cheap and you’ll have complete privacy. You’ll have a roommate, but he’ll leave you alone. If you want him to.”

He was so obvious. But so cute. So darn sweet too. “I don’t believe that.”


“The leave me alone part.”

He chuckled. “Well, you’ll have to date him more than once a week. Until you get used to having him around.”

“Then what?”

“Maybe you’ll say yes when he asks you to marry him.”

Remy’s heart soared. If she ever hoped to take the leap, he was the one. She leaned in and gave him a long, lingering kiss. “He seems very persuasive. Maybe I will say yes. How much is the rent on this place?”

* * *

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