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Welcome to the Spot Writers. The prompt for the writers this month is to use three of the following words: tub, motorcycle, papers, or hard. This week’s posting—a poem—comes to us from Cathy MacKenzie. Her newest book, “Between These Pages,” a compilation of 18 short stories, is available on Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99:




He dons a helmet for the fun

On a glorious day of spring,

Peering through the sun

He heeds nature’s eager ring.


Across the long stretch he goes,

Over the hills, up and down,

The wind fans his clothes

Like a ghostly flowing gown.


Wheels roar off the ground,

Handlebars high and strong,

Motor revs its mighty sound

Not unlike a hearty song.


Motorcycle zooms into air,

A mighty machine hard and free,

Sitting upon a monster-like chair

He sails toward a heavenly spree.


Breath swallowed, then lost,

Fragile like papers burnt to ash,

His strong lithe body tossed

High and away in the crash.


Light beams from a daytime star

And scatters shadows in the mist,

Angels caress earth’s new scar,

God watches while he’s kissed.


Strong and stately by the tree

Colourful wildflowers grow,

A slumbrous soul roams free

Within gentle breezes that blow.



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