Spot Writers: The Confession

Welcome to the Spot Writers. This week, the prompt is to have a character explain why they stole something.

 Today’s contribution comes from RC Bonitz, author of A LITTLE BIT OF BLACKMAIL, A LITTLE BIT OF BABY, and A BLANKET FOR HER HEART.  

 The Confession

 It’s the weirdest thing. I never did anything like this before. Maybe it was the challenge, you know? I mean wind chimes make  noise when you touch them, right, so I had to be real careful. And the shop was small- I wasn’t very far from the woman at the cash register.

I’m not a thief. I just love wind chimes and they’re so damn expensive. I had one you know, a nice big one with those silvery pipes, hanging from my front porch. Somebody stole it last week, so maybe I just wanted a little payback.

Anyway, I picked out one that had that same pipe design, but was small enough to slip in my purse. Then came the tricky part- how to grab it without being seen. I waited ’til another customer started talking to the woman at the register. Then I pretended I was looking at the chimes and made a lot of noise. Grabbing the one I wanted, I squeezed it tight together so it wouldn’t chime and stuffed it in my bag. A couple more tinkles and clanges on the other chimes and the woman paid no attention to me.

My heart pounded like a hammer as I ambled out of the store. It was so hard to play it cool, but of course I had to, until I was in my car and driving away. Then I got such a rush I almost ran into another car.

Wouldn’t that have been something- getting into an accident with stolen property in my car? Not to mention wrecking my car. But the excitement- it was worth it. Except- now I’m afraid to hang it up where people can see it.

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